I am a skilled writer who is always on the lookout for stories that inspire, motivate and uplift; if they are related to the sport I love, cricket, that’s even better. If you have a project in mind that you think I can help with, please contact me.

Check out my website cricketwithacause.com to celebrate all the ways cricket contributes to positive social change.

I’m currently studying writing and editing at RMIT in Melbourne, and have a number of fiction and non-fiction projects on the go. Most are concerned with diversifying the cricket world and attracting new participants and supporters. My aim is to help grown the game I love on the world stage by using a combination of my writing, community development and project management skills.

My professional background has included writing business cases, funding proposals, high level reports and strategic plans; I have experience in communications, stakeholder relations and management roles.

Visit my LinkedIn profile for details of my professional background: au.linkedin.com/in/yvettehollings

Read more about why I do what I do.


Rookie at 43 – sharing stories from my late-starter club cricket career and exploring the growth of women’s and girls’ cricket.

My Year of Cricket – my 2016 challenge to write about cricket every day.

On the road with sweetie (2012-2016) – sharing with friends and family tales from my solo camper-van travels through regional Australia.

Cricket explorer (2013-2016) – sharing the discoveries of my journey as a born-again cricket tragic.

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